Ascraeus Press: FAQ

Why does Ascraeus Press publish fiction and nonfiction? Isn’t that confusing?

At Ascraeus Press, we believe collaboration and creative freedom is more important than obeying rigid genre classifications. We are cross-genre and cross-discipline; our published works don’t always share subject matter, but they do share a spirit of creativity, mutual support, thinking around corners, and succeeding on our own terms.

We also believe our readers will have no difficulty navigating our catalog. Sarah Kolb-Williams, founder of Ascraeus Press, is a science fiction editor and a science fiction writer; her personal stamp on her books is another common factor across the imprint’s catalog.

Will Ascraeus Press add more authors to their catalog?

Absolutely! Plans are underway to bring more experts into the Indie Author’s Guide series; announcements will be made via the updates.

Also stay tuned for special announcements of new players in the Proxima Rising universe.