About Ascraeus Press

Ascraeus Press is a small publisher of fresh, new illustrated fiction every week from the twin cities. We produce highly imaginative, experimental, visually spectacular stories that challenge genres and defy definition.

Now featuring No Dragons Press: A HIGH FANTASY Illustrated Fiction Adventure on our Weekly Illustrated Fiction series!


Meet the Team

Maggie Gibbs, author

Maggie writes fiction with a twist: speculative fiction that’s a little bit sci-fi, a little bit fantasy, and always delightfully strange. Her stories are both fantastical and highly familiar—which also describes her characters and the improbable adventures they find themselves in.

Find Maggie’s blog and podcast at nodragonspress.com.

Sarah Kolb-Williams, editor and founder

Sarah brings nearly a decade of experience with publishing houses and independent authors, working to produce high-quality, professional books, most of them science fiction and fantasy.

Find Sarah Kolb-Williams Writing & Editing at kolbwilliams.com and her book, How to Hire an Editor, wherever e-books are sold.

Emily Ruf, illustrator

With her strong sense of branding, deftness with ink, and ability to reflect the mood of any scene, Emily’s artistic talents are essential for giving Ascraeus Press its distinct style. Her illustrations bring an extra layer of depth and complexity to our creative output.

Find Emily’s illustrations, photography, and other artwork at ruftimes.com.